Transforming the future of dementia care.

Designed to combat the functional decline in the aging population.

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to unleash the potential of technology for healthy and active living for the elderly.

Our Approach

We put users first. Throughout the product development cycle, we co-design our products with the end users (such as the elderly, their caregivers and health professionals).

Our Products

We create interactive and rewarding technology-based activities tailored to stimulate physical and cognitive functions of the elderly.

We can help.
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Individuals and families

Old and Young

Long term care and retirement homes

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Hospitals and rehabilitation centers

If you are looking for solutions to reliably assess and monitor the physical and cognitive status for yourself or your loved ones, our technology can help you do that in a breeze! You can view the progress report online and find more educational resources to better care for your loved ones.

We utilize inexpensive technological solutions to help you assess your residents' physical and cognitive status. Specially designed to engage people with cognitive impairment, our solutions help you engage your residents in physical and cognitive exercise.

If you want to look for innovative solutions to maintain activation in your patients and prepare them for discharge, our technology is here to help. We generate reliable progress reports of your patients to help you with clinical decisions.