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  • What is Centivizer?

    Centivizer is a platform, and system, of interacting and rewarding physical and cognitive activities designed to maintain and restore function in people as they get older. The Centivizer platform allows third-party developers and researchers to add in their own modules easily so that we can collaboratively solve the massive problem of wasted opportunities and deteriorating quality of life that occurs as people move into the later stages of their lives and experience functional decline.

  • How does Centivizer work?

    Centivizer is a wireless network of modules, each powered by single board computers and communicating with each other using a Web protocol. Modules provide a wide range of inputs and outputs including levers, sliders, reward dispensers, games, lights and buttons. Centivizers can be wall-mounted, or mounted on wheeled stands and used while sitting. Each installation of Centivizer can employ a unique combination of modules and activities that is matched to the abilities and interests of the target user or group.

  • Think you can help?

    We are looking for people who are interested in building Centivizer models as research or business projects. We provide technical support for developers, as well as an API to connect the module to the Centivizer system, and documentation. Third party developers can licence their modules to, or they can independently sell their modules as third party add-ons.

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