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Centivizer is designed to combat the functional decline in the aging population and a platform of interactive and rewarding physical and cognitive activities. We are working to unleash the potential of technology to promote healthy and active aging.

Cognitive Centivizer

The Cognitive Centivizer measures and monitors different types of cognitive functions using a suite of fun and engaging games. It allows healthcare institutions and caregivers to effectively monitor cognitive decline caused by natural processes, disease, and lack of activation.re. It monitors different types of cognitive functions using a suite of easy-to-learn Target Acquisition Games for Measurement and Evaluation.

Experiential Centivizer

The Experiential Centivizer promotes cognitive and physical health by offering positive stimulation through personalized video experiences and simulated navigation. It gives older people with mobility issues an opportunity to drive around and reconnect with the outside world.

Physical Centivizer

The Physical Centivizer engages the elderly in interactive gamified exercise with little required supervision from caregivers. The seniors can enjoy a virtual biking experience in different places by hand or foot pedaling while listening to their preferred genre of music. The advanced multiplayer mode enhances the social connection between individuals, where they can compete or team up in a fun pedaling exercise.


The Centivizer is a much-needed tool to bring physical and cognitive engagement to those living with dementia. As an AGE-WELL supported project, we are extremely enthusiastic about the potential of the Centivizer products. Best of all, it’s fun!

Dr. Michael Chrostowski, PhD

Business Development & Industry Relations Manager

AGE-WELL Network of Centres of Excellence

Centivizer is a new solution that has the elegance and simplicity needed to be successful in dementia and technology space.  The team has done an outstanding job in understanding the needs of their users and developing a solution that is engaging and meaningful to these individuals.

Dr. Alex Mihailidis, Ph.D, P.Eng.

Scientific Director

AGE-WELL Network of Centres of Excellence